Preferring to be behind a camera, a rare shot by Mark O'Maley.



Astarte Gardens is the website for the acre and a half garden in Walden, VT and Victoria Patrick Zolnoski, an interdisciplinary artist, photographer and gardener. The main pages will concentrate on the garden. We offer design and floral services for everyday pleasure and specific events to the surrounding area. Astarte Gardens is non-certified organic, biodynamic and devic. We are not open to the public but appointments can be made to visit the garden and discuss services. The garden can also be rented under specific circumstances. We encourage art classes/making, meditation, small gatherings and celebrations.

We offer: 

Classic American/British garden design from the ground up and for restoration/renovation.

Plant and design advice for Zones 2, 3 and 4.

Floral arrangements in season from household bouquets to mammoth wedding presentations and everything in between.

Photography: inquiries welcome.


Please call: (802) 533-7417

or email: