The first main flowers are peonies, one of the most gorgeous blossoms. Buds are cut when one petal is lifting. We have a proper flower cooler; correct cutting and storage are vital for long bouquet life and timing for special events. In our region, normally the last ten days of June are prime. Often the French Pink lilacs bloom at the same time. This makes stunning options for bride's who want opulence in whites, creams, pinks and lavenders.



All flowers are important. Bouquets and beds benefit from plants that highlight the main blooms. Above are some early fillers, but beautiful in their own right...baptisia, perennial yellow foxglove, lady's mantle, willow amsonia, gas plant, biennial foxglove, campanula lactiflora, lamb's ears...cardboard in the paths prevents weeds until golden straw replaces it.

As the summer progresses colors get warmer, beds are full and lush. Above: pyrethrum, ferruginea foxglove (bee hotels), crambe cordifolia, woodland tobacco, hollyhocks, oriental lilies, senna, ligularia, daylily, liatris, astilbe, lythrum, policeman's helmet... Bride's who want pastels from a local garden should marry in June, by August the palette has switched to yellow, orange, raspberry and red...but then there are sunflowers!